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World Bank Loans

A World Loan from Ziraat!

General Information

We provide financing through World Bank funds in order to support energy efficiency investments of our SME clients.

World Bank Energy Efficiency Loans


  • Extended with favorable interest rate and maturity options for the purpose of financing energy efficiency investments of Ziraat Bank`s SME clients.
  • Investments which will decrease energy costs of SMEs with less than 250 employees and annual sales of less than 50 million EUR and Mid-Caps with a number of employees between 250 - 1.500 (regardless of annual sales) can be financed through Ziraat Bank`s World Bank Energy Efficiency Loan.
  • The main eligibility criteria for energy efficiency investments is to either achieve at least 20% energy efficiency or 50% energy efficiency share in additional benefits provided by the investment.
  • Upper threshold of and energy efficiency loan amount is USD 3,500,000.- for SMEs and USD 5,000,000.- for mid-caps.

Application Channels

Environmental Review Procedures (SME III)​​