The credit ratings of Ziraat Bank are reviewed by Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and JCR Eurasia Rating.

Fitch Ratings (October 2017)​
Outlook Stable
Foreign Currency Long-Term IDR BB+
Foreign Currency Short-Term IDR B
Local Currency Long-Term IDR BBB-
Local Currency Short-Term IDR F3
National Long-Term Rating AAA (tur)
Support Rating 3
Support Rating Floor BB+
Viability Rating bb+
Moody's (March 2017)
Outlook Negative
Long-Term Bank Deposit Foreign Currency Ba2
Short-Term Bank Deposit Foreign Currency Not-Prime
Long-Term Bank Deposit Domestic Currency Ba1
Short-Term Bank Deposit Domestic Currency Not-Prime
Long –Term Issuer Rating Foreign Currency Ba1
Long –Term Issuer Rating Domestic Currency Ba1
Baseline Credit Assessment ba2
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment ba2
JCR Eurasia (September 2017)
Long-Term International Foreign Currency BBB -
Outlook Stable
Long-Term International Local Currency BBB -
Outlook Stable
Long-Term National Local Rating AAA (Trk)
Outlook Stable
Short-Term International Foreign Currency A - 3
Outlook Stable
Short-Term International Local Currency A - 3
Outlook Stable
Short-Term National Local Rating A-1+ (Trk)
Sponsor Support 1
Stand Alone A