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Ziraat Credit Cards

Ziraat Credit Cards Advantageous For Shopping And For Cash Advances!

Get a credit card at fees and interest rates that won't break the budget, and enjoy shopping and cash advance opportunities.


  • All primary and secondary credit cards are free of charge for the first year.
  • Choose the most convenient cutoff dates and final payment dates based on your payment abilities.
  • You can pay off the amount of debt at period end that you wish and structure the rest as a loan,
  • Request a secondary card for anyone over the age of 15,
  • Withdraw a cash advance of up to 75% of your credit limit using your Ziraat Bank credit card.
  • With your credit card registered with the Internet Branch you can create a virtual card to use for online shopping.
  • Your Account Statement sent to your postal address each month can also be sent to your mobile phone as a text message (SMS) or to your e-mail address on request.
  • In addition to paying off your credit card balance at one of our branches, you may also transfer funds from your current account. Other options include setting up a direct debit with your nearest branch or logging in to the Internet Branch for hassle-free payment.
  • All credit cards at our bank comply with the EMV (Chip&PIN) standard. First and subsequent issues of credit cards are all provided to our customer with EMV features.
  • Our Customer Communications Center reachable on 444 00 00 gives 24-hour continuous credit card service. PIN facilities are also provided through our Customer Communications Center.
  • In the event that your card is lost or stolen, it will be renewed as quickly as possible.
  • Your credit card is guaranteed against copying, loss, or theft within certain period limits.
  • Credit cards bearing the Gold Card and Memur-Sen logos are guaranteed through "Personal Accident Insurance."

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