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Basak Account

Sit Back and Let Your Basak Account Add Value to Your Savings!

The Başak Account is a TL current account product that automatically carries out fund sales and purchases.

When money is deposited at a Başak Account, the remaining balance above 600 TL is automatically invested in a Ziraat Bank B Type Liquid Fund. Similarly when money is withdrawn (for EFTs, bank transfers, state / treasury bonds, funds or foreign currency purchases) or used for payments (invoices, standing orders, etc.) funds are automatically sold.


  • For registration to be made through these channels, you must have a current account at our Bank and an investment account linked to it, and these must be registered on the channel through which the transaction will be completed for registration to take place.
  • Customers who have or are applying for an Overdraft Current Account*, a Credit Card, and at least one Direct Debit / Standing Order* may register this account through a branch. No such stipulations apply to registrations applied for through the Internet Branch or Telephone Banking.

Application Channels

* Overdraft Current Account limit must be at least 150 TL.
* Not including standing orders for personal loan installment payments.​​​​​​​​​​​​​