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Direct Debits

You can make all your regular payments such as SSI contributions, electricity, gas, water, and telephone bills, and other payments through an account opened at our branch, and even if you have insufficient funds; you may convert your TL Current Account to an Overdraft Current Account to pay all your bills and contributions reliably and on time.

Visit your nearest Ziraat Bank branch to learn more about participating institutions, and set up direct debits for your bill / contribution payments and all kinds of regular expenses (rent, caretaking fees, etc.).

You can now pay your SSI contributions and bills by direct debit on your credit card or through the Internet Branch.

Credit cards issued by our bank may now also be used to pay SSI premiums and outstanding bills.


  • Set up a direct debit with our bank, and gain the advantage of paying off your debts on the final payment date of your credit card, not the debt.
  • Brings the added convenience of being able to monitor your bill / contribution payments on your credit card statement.
  • Differs from a direct debit on an account in that you do not need to worry if there are sufficient funds in your account on the final payment date for your bills / contributions.
  • Your bills / contributions are paid regularly subject to the credit limit of your card.
  • The bill or contribution amount will be reflected on your credit card statement on the final payment date of the bill / contribution.
  • Whether or not a charge is levied on bill / contribution payments by credit card varies by institution. Apply to one of our branches or our web site for transaction charge details.

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