Fast and Secure Money Transfer All Over the World with Ziraat Bank

​​Quick, secure, and easy money transfer to and from anywhere in the world without any need for a bank account is now provided by Ziraat Bank.

To more than 270,000 points in more than 200 countries worldwide...

Advantages of Western Union Fast Money Transfer

  • Fast: The latest technology used by Ziraat Bank and Western Union enables your money to reach its recipient within minutes.
  • Practical: Your money is sent directly to the recipient without any need for a bank account. Receive your money easily by filling in a form at our branch and providing identification.
  • Extensive: Send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world through the more than 1.000 branches of Ziraat Bank domestically, and Western Union's extensive network of agents worldwide (post offices, banks, pharmacies etc.).
  • Secure: Each transfer is under the protection of a world-class security system and each is approved with a security number.

Currencies Transacted

Only USD and EUR are used in money transfers.
Withdraw transfers in your name as USD, EUR, or TL.

To Send Money (Transfer) via Western Union

  • Visit your nearest branch of Ziraat Bank among the more than 1,000 countrywide and fill in a Send Money form.
  • Submit your form with the amount to be sent and the service charge to the branch representative. The representative will complete your transaction and present you with a copy of the form with the Control Number written on it.
  • Inform the recipient of the amount send and the Control Number.
  • The recipient may receive the money sent in his name from any Western Union agent worldwide.

To Receive Money Sent (Transfer) by Western Union

  • Visit the nearest Ziraat branch among more than 1,000 branches countrywide and fill in a Receive Money form with assistance from the branch representative, while also presenting a photo ID.
  • The branch representative will check your request on the system and pay your transfer immediately.
  • The recipient pays no charge to take receipt of the transfer.

Call our Call Center on 444 00 00