Apply Now, Enjoy Using Bankkart while Shopping at in ATM's!


  • Bankkart is cash in its most secure state. It gives you the opportunity to shop and use the money in your account 365 days 24 hours without the risk of carrying cash with you.
  • Through the ATM's of our Bank, you may learn your account balance, withdraw money, transfer between your accounts, transfer to another account.
  • You may withdraw money from ATM's bearing VISA, MasterCard or TROY signs.
  • You may shop in millions of establishments in Türkiye and throughout the world.
  • Go to our nearest branch with your identity, benefit fom the facilities provided by Bankkart.
  • With Bankkart you may shop by payment in installments at the contracted establishments. The only thing you need to do is to have an overdraft account with monthly payments.

For your questtions about Bankkart please For your questtions about Bankkart please click Frequently Asked Questionsclick Frequently Asked Questions.