Your farms will grow with Ziraat!

These loans are designed for the needs of real / legal person farmers engaged in various kinds of animal husbandry activities.

They can be used for financing investments and production activities in the fields of stock / dairy farming; poultry farming (laying hen / stock farming with chicken, turkey, goose, duck, ostrich, quail etc.), apiculture, etc. 


In this respect,

  • Working Capital Loans are designed to cover such costs as animal feed, medicine, fuel, repair & maintenance of machinery, insurance, rent, etc., and the purchase of live animals in certain fields of production. 
  • Investment Loans are designed to cover the expenses associated with barn / stable construction; purchase of milk cooling tanks and other equipment; certain expenses in apiculture; expenditures on producing solar / wind / biogas energy in line with the scope of the farm, investment spending including the purchase of the land / farm, and in some areas of production, purchase of live animals bearing certain specifications.

Application Channels