2014 Annual Report
Social Responsibility Activities

Ziraat Bank maintains its efforts in various fields with a special focus on education, sport, culture and the arts that will help advance individuals and society.

Ziraat Bank believes that giving something back to society and humanity constitutes the basis of all kinds of economic activity. The Bank maintained its activities to contribute to society in 2014.

Ziraat Bank maintains its efforts in various fields with a special focus on education, sport, culture and the arts. Ziraat Bank supports projects that will contribute to the cultural accumulation of society and help advance individuals and society. Each year, Ziraat Bank takes new steps forward in its social responsibility mission.

Advertising Activities
As in the past 5 football seasons, Ziraat Bank sponsored the Turkish Football Cup in the 2014 / 2015 season. The organization was renamed the “Ziraat Turkish Cup”.

In the 2014-2015 season, Ziraat Bank continued its sponsorship of the sport club that has successfully represented the Bank in the Aroma Men’s Premier Volleyball League since the 2007-2008 season.

In this period, new versions of the Shadows and Football Machine advertising films were released.

Protecting Cultural Values
For 150 years, Ziraat Bank has contributed to culture and the arts in a spirit of sharing with the community. According to its values, the Bank extended support in its health, education, service and sports activities in 2014 as a part of social responsibility efforts.

A Tradition of Supporting the Arts and Artists
Ziraat Bank has always attached the utmost importance to the arts and artists ever since its incorporation, as underlined by the slogan “In Art for Art”. The Bank added new links to the chain of support that has been extended to the arts since the 1990s, and opened the Kuğulu, Tünel and Kızıltan Ulukavak art galleries and the Ömer Nafi Güvenli Exhibition Hall for art lovers. There were a total of 34 exhibitions in art galleries in Ankara Kuğulu and Istanbul Tünel, which attracted more than 28,000 art lovers in 2014.

Ziraat Turkish Cup

34 exhibitions

There were a total of 34 exhibitions in art galleries of Ziraat Bank, which attracted more than 28,000 art lovers.

The founder of Turkey’s First Banking Museum
The Ziraat Bank Museum, housed in the Ceremonial Hall of the Bank’s Original Head Office building in Ankara’s Ulus district, was opened on 20 November, 1981. The museum is an exhibition of the Bank’s 150-year long history, which has borne witness to almost every phase of the Republic era, and is the first museum devoted to banking in Turkey. The Ziraat Bank Museum offers a view of the commercial, economic, political, cultural, artistic and educational transformations that the Turkish banking industry has undergone since its beginning right up to the present day. On display in this historic setting are numerous antique artefacts that reflect these characteristics.

A project is currently under way to restore Ziraat Bank’s historical buildings that are located in Ankara Kızılay, Adakale Street and İstanbul’s Cağaloğlu district that is owned by the Bank. When completed, this venerable structure will serve as the Ziraat Bank Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

Digital Platforms and Field Researches
Visits were conducted to all branches in 2014 within the scope of Visual Identity Audit activities by using corporate identity in line with the Bank’s standards. The visits aimed to improve customers’ perception of Ziraat Bank to integrate the corporate identity standards in all related areas, and to prevent faulty applications.

Ziraat Bank aims to fulfill the demands and expectations of its customers in all platforms in the best manner and to maintain levels of customer satisfaction at the highest levels. The Bank actively utilizes social media channels for this purpose. The Bank’s Facebook page became one of the most effective pages in the sector, attracting 582,200 likes by the end of 2014, while its Twitter page had more than 52,700 followers. Ziraat Bank is constantly increasing its effectiveness in social media.

Other activities
Having sponsored a number of trade shows held in and out of Turkey during 2014, Ziraat Bank’s support contributed to the launch of projects that are important for our country.