2014 Annual Report
Human Resources Practices

Activities in 2014

Our Bank is operating in a highly competitive sector, which includes international capital. Our Bank carries forward its position of being the strongest national bank. Our Bank maintained its civilized human resources policies in 2014, with the awareness of its success, including its unique position in the sector, unrivaled market knowledge, ability to serve its customers at the right time, through the right channel and with the right value propositions.

Within the scope of Competency Based Performance Management activities, the Bank almost completed followings as of 2014 year-end: competency definitions on the basis of duty position and unit; design and software of evaluations system.

The Bank switched to the systematic application for remuneration in 2014. Within this scope, the following activities have been carried out:

  • Notifications regarding overtime can be performed through the system thanks to Working after Office Hours Notification/Reporting application which was started to be used in April. This application also enabled the Bank to transiently check the reasons why personnel work overtime. By doing so, actions to minimize working overtime are taken. Within this scope, share of personnel who work overtime in total staff decreased to 1.6% in 2014.
  • Daily Allowance module was created on Finart system to finalize daily allowance transactions quickly and in a standard manner. This module was made available to all personnel in June. By doing so, standardization was provided without making manual operations and payments are carried out to personnel automatically without any delay.
  • An E-payroll system was opened in July 2014. Employees may monitor their payroll details with their passwords through this system. Thanks to this system, salaries are calculated automatically without the need for manual intervention and legal notifications can easily be made.
  • Within the framework of transformation activities for increasing synergy in the Ziraat Finance Group and to increase the effectiveness of units located abroad, following activities were almost completed in 2014: personnel-position matching, salary system and revising other personal regarding units that are located abroad. Activities for updating HR legislation are planned to continue in 2015.

Negotiations between the Bank and the Öz Finans – İş Trade Union which was founded on 23 August 2013 and which was authorized to make Collective Labor Agreement with the Bank on 9 September 2014 were finalized as of 31 December 2014. The Collective Labor Agreement was signed for the first time in the history of Ziraat Bank.

Ziraat Bank Personal Performance Bonus System

A new bonus system which was implemented in 2013 in accordance with the Bank’s new organizational structure and strategy which is focused on marketing and sales was designed in line with the increasing gain principle, which rewards increasing performance and efficiency, providing higher compensation for those with a higher performance. Through personal performance evaluations, bonus payments were made in accordance with performance with the aim of strengthening the customer focused business model, deepening the marketing and efficiency focused work approach by motivating employees, increasing their corporate loyalty and rewarding personal success.

In the scope of this implementation, considering our Bank’s profitability and operational results in 2014, the bonus budget was determined not to extend 8% of total monthly wage payments. These payments were determined according to substantial and numerically measurable criteria, and paid to the employees pertaining to three month periods beginning from February, May, August, and November. Bonus payments were designed to provide additional payments to those who had achieved a higher performance on a marketing basis and on the basis of:

  • Branch segment and scale group,
  • Ordering according to performance ration cards, as a result of measurable performances at the end of three months period,
  • Performance bonuses were distributed according to coefficients.

Different coefficients are applied in the calculation of bonuses according to branch segment, scale, and personal performance ordering and duty position. Premium which differentiates in line with performance notes at each pie is calculated for marketing staff with new amendment made as of 3rd quarter of 2014. As of the 4th quarter of 2014 The Bank started to calculate premium to counter staff through the performance of the counter that she/he is responsible.

As in other banks, a performance bonus system was designed for rewarding higher performance and increasing the efficiency of sales employees. In addition, employees working in the operations departments of the branches and the general directorate could benefit from this implementation.

2015 Projections

Besides to modern work conditions, Ziraat Bank will maintain offer career opportunities that fit position in 2015.

In addition to promotions regarding title, our Bank enriches career opportunities through promotion. In this scope, implementation of the “Competence Evaluation System” has been planned in order to evaluate our employees’ performance in terms of their competence in their duties.

Within the scope of Management Trainee Program, personnel who are in Authorized position and who will be successful as a result of programs that will be held in 2015 will continue to be assigned to Branch Management/Management within the limits of needs.
Within the scope of activities for receiving demand and opinions regarding “Personnel Position and Location Change”, Ziraat Bank will continue to evaluate personnel’ transfer demand as of June-July and December-January periods.

Ziraat Bank plans to update HR legislation and revise processes regarding the applications that affect Human Resources processes with Collective Labor Agreement that was signed with Öz Finans – İş Trade Union on 31 December 2014.