2014 Annual Report
Ziraat Bank’s Financial Standing, Profitability and Solvency

Ziraat Bank sets its goals as steady growth, sustainable profitability and efficiency within the scope of enhancing financial structure. The Bank enhanced its balance sheet structure which is in line with equity through asset-liability management strategies in 2014. The Bank maintained positive trend in capital adequacy, profitability and efficiency.

Ziraat Bank’s total assets and equity increased to TL 247.6 billion and TL 28.5 billion, respectively as at 2014 year-end. Share of equity increased to 11.5% this period from 8.9% in 2013 year-end as a result of the Bank’s balance sheet structure in line with its equity.

Ziraat Bank aims sustainable profitability which is an important issue in equity management. The Bank increased its net profit by 22% to TL 4,051 million. Return on equity and asset came in at 16.4% and 1.8%, respectively as at 2014 year-end. Ziraat Bank’s capital adequacy ratio realized at 18.22 which is above the sector average.

Within the framework of transformation from securities to loans in balance sheet, Ziraat Bank gave weight to loan activities. As a result, total loans increased by 28% to TL 141.9 billion as of 2014 year-end. Share of loans in assets stood at 57%. Share of securities which was 30% in 2013 decreased to 26%. Ziraat Bank will continue its efforts to decrease share of securities to sector average. Ziraat Bank’s NPL ratio decreased to 1.9%. The fact that the Bank has a NPL ratio which is below sector average without carrying out any asset sale indicates that the Bank has a good asset quality.

Ziraat Bank’s total deposits increased to TL 153.2 billion in line with the Bank’s approach aiming to support the country’s saving balance and the Bank’s target of obtaining cheap resource which is expanded to base. Ziraat Bank maintained its leadership in the sector in total deposits. Share of deposits and share of non-deposit resources including funds in liability was 61.9% and 22.8%, respectively. In 2014, Ziraat Bank continued to diversify resource structure with credits obtained from international institutions and banks, post finance credits, bank bond issuances within the framework of resource diversification and depth based management approach.

The most important income item in 2014 was interest income amounting to TL 18.1 billion in 2014. As a result of loan activities that were held within the year, share of interest received from loans in total interest income increased to 70% from 66%. The Bank continued its efforts regarding improvements in net interest margin. Net interest income increased by 11% in 2014. As a result of activities for increasing the Bank’s non-interest income, net fee and commission income increased by 12% in 2014.