2018 Annual Report

In today’s globalizing world, in addition to creating economic value, Ziraat Bank contributes to our society with social responsibility projects which aims to develop individuals and the society.

Ziraat Bank plans and implements its corporate social responsibility activities with the objective of creating permanent value and with a long term perspective. Accordingly, the Bank designs people oriented projects with a target of raising social and individual welfare.

Many different areas, primarily culture, arts, education and sports are at the center of the Bank’s social responsibility activities which are conducted with a systematic and organized approach. In particular, the Bank carries out projects that will contribute to cultural background of the society and is determined to carry its mission in this area even further every year.

A tradition of supporting art at Ziraat Bank

Ziraat Bank has attached importance to art and artists since its establishment, under the motto of “In Art for Art”, and continues to carry out various activities in all areas of the arts. Some examples of the support it has extended to the arts since the 1990s include the Kuğulu and Tunnel Art Galleries for art lovers. A total of 29 exhibitions were opened in the Kuğulu Art Gallery in Ankara and the Istanbul Tunnel Art Gallery in 2018, which attracted more than 15,000 visitors.

The “State Theaters at Ziraat Stage” which was executed under the cooperation of the General Directorate of State Theaters and Ziraat Bank with the mission of supporting culture and arts, continues to serve theatre lovers.

In an effort to share the Bank’s art collections with a wider population, “Light and Color” digital exhibition was organized at a customized setting in İstanbul Euroasia Exhibition Center between 2-13 May 2018 and numerous artworks in the collection were shared with art-lovers. Being the largest digital art exhibition of our country, “Light and Color” hosted more than 20,000 visitors.

The First Banking Museum

The Ziraat Bank Museum, opened on 20 November 1981, is located in the Hall of Honor of the historic headquarters building in the Ulus district of Ankara. The museum, which exhibits 155 years of deep-rooted history of the Bank, that has witnessed every stage of the Republic, was the first Banking Museum to be opened in Turkey. The Ziraat Bank Museum exhibits the commercial, economic, political, cultural, artistic and educational changes that the Turkish banking system has undergone since its establishment to the present day. It also illustrates the development of the banking system from past to present. The museum exhibits many antique artifacts, which includes some that are used in the banking system, in a historical setting.

Promotion activities

As in the past 9 seasons, Ziraat Bank sponsored the Turkish Cup in 2018/2019 football season.

At the same time, the Bank continued to support the sports club which has successfully represented the Ziraat brand in the Men’s 1st Volleyball League since the 2007/2008 season, with its sponsorship and promotion of the Bank in the 2018/2019 season.

Ziraat Bank continued its support for education in 2018 and contributed to Ziraat Library project which will be built by İstanbul Medeniyet University. Additionally, the Bank sponsored the Diyarbakır Ziraat Youth Festival which was organized in Diyarbakır.

During the year, Bankkart brand launch was realized and Ziraat Bank’s own brand Bankkart has been created. Within the scope of launch activities “Bankkart Launch” and “It Thinks About You” ads were broadcasted. As part of these activities various ads were shot such as 100 Bankkart Lira, Bankkart 360, Sector of the Month-Clothing, Sector of the Month-Market, Ramadan Campaign, Breathing Months Films and Bankkart Mobile.

“Turkish Cinema (Yeşilçam)” ad which was prepared for Ziraat Bank’s 155. anniversary, brought together unforgettable players of the Turkish cinema. The film set bridges between our past and today and passed the message “If we are together, we have the power for everything”.


In addition to Yeşilçam commercial, the ads prepared under the scope of promotion activities for Ziraat Turkish Cup received widespread attention at social and printed media and viewed with admiration. These ads were about “Gold Bond” and “Gold-Based Lease Certificate” products which were issued for three times during the year and “Government Bond with Euro Interest Return and Lease Certificate with Lease Return” products issued for the first time by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

As a result of all of its activities carried out throughout 2018, Ziraat Bank was selected the “Most Loved Bank of 2018” at Turkey’s Lovemark Survey, receiving the same award for three consecutive years.

Digital platforms and field surveys

Using the corporate identity in accordance with Ziraat Bank’s standards, all Ziraat Bank branches received visits in 2018 within the scope of Visual Identity Supervision activities which are being carried out with the aim of correctly perceiving the Ziraat brand image by customers, integrating corporate identity standards into all environments and preventing errors.

In 2018, Secret Customer Program studies continued with visits to all branches. Within this scope, performance evaluations were carried out over the extent that Bank employees comply with the standards set by the business objectives, the level of effort they have demonstrated in acquiring new customers and how they reflect their product knowledge to the customers.

Ziraat Bank is engaged in increasing its social media activity and strives to meet the demands and the expectations of its customers on every platform, and to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Ziraat Bank became the most effective Bank in the sector in social media channels in which it operates in order to respond to its customers’ requests and expectations at each platform and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. As of 2018, attracting more than 2,000,000 likes and followers at its Facebook page, the Bank increases its effectiveness in social media every day with its posts on Twitter with 338,000 followers, Instagram with 141,000 followers, more than 64 million viewings at YouTube and other platforms.

Other activities

In 2018, Ziraat Bank contributed to implement projects that are important for our country by sponsoring in a number of fairs opened both in Turkey and abroad.