2018 Annual Report

Providing a widespread, reliable and high quality service in Turkey and abroad, Ziraat Bank continues its uninterrupted journey towards its corporate targets defined in its strategic road map and contributes to our country’s economy and the banking industry.

Ziraat Bank continues to provide its products and services with an increasing quality and variety to all segments of the society.

Ziraat Bank, Turkey’s strongest and the most long-established bank, commenced operations in 1863. As one of the key stones of the industry with its strong financial structure and profound experience, the Bank has provided funding to all segments of the economy has created value and has become one of the greatest supporters of our country’s development since its inception.

Today, Ziraat Bank has the most extensive domestic and international service network with its prestigious and effective position providing service as the one and only bank in almost 400 districts and sub-districts. The Bank operates with the sense of ethical values and social responsibility through its domestic and international affiliates in areas such as banking, insurance, individual pension, investment services, portfolio management, financial leasing, venture capital, real estate investment trust and financial technologies.

Ziraat Bank continues to shape the Turkish banking sector with its high service delivery scale, sustainable growth power and potential.

Ziraat Bank, which has the widest banking service network in Turkey, offers its customers high quality services in the fields of corporate, entrepreneurial and retail banking with its

  • 1,773 branches in Turkey and abroad,
  • 24,647 employees,
  • 7,155 ATMs,
  • Internet Banking (Retail and Corporate Internet Banking),
  • Mobile Banking (Ziraat Mobile, Ziraat Tablet),
  • Telephone Banking,
  • SMS Banking.

With its strategy of being a global player, Ziraat Bank took a prestigious place in international banking arena which it has been following and studying extensively for years. Operating at 100 locations in 18 countries around the world, the Bank has a large international network of services, consisting of 9 international and 9 domestic subsidiaries, 23 foreign branches and one representative office.

Following its vision of modern international banking, the Bank focuses on providing effective and quick services to our country’s entrepreneurs abroad and meeting the financial needs of its customers at places where it operates with its comprehensive services.

Ziraat Bank recorded a strong performance both financially and operationally as a result of its operations which are in line with its efficiency and sustainable growth targets.

Ziraat Bank’s total assets increased by 23.7% YoY in 2018 to reach TL 537 billion. The Bank successfully achieved its missions varying from sustaining the macroeconomic balance to providing funds for the real sector by following its policies with a sense of responsibility.

The Bank will continue to generate more for its customers, employees and Turkey as a whole and to record strong and significant results with the support of its integrated financial service capabilities in the coming period.