2018 Annual Report

Ziraat Bank conducts its operations with the knowhow and experience dating back 155 years, creating high added value for the society and became a key stone in the development of banking industry by countless contributions to the economy.


  • On 20 November 1863, Mithat Paşa spearheads the establishment of Memleket Sandıkları (Homeland Funds) in the town of Pirot, which later served as the core from which Ziraat Bank grew.
  • Turkey’s first statutorily regulated credit system is launched.
  • Mithat Paşa’s Homeland Funds are reconstituted as Menafi Sandıkları (Benefit Funds) to become stronger and more sustainable.
  • Ziraat Bank’s Headquarters are opened in İstanbul.


  • Ziraat Bank extends credit to the Imperial Treasury for the first time.
  • Ziraat Bank supplies credit to supply grain to needy refugees and others in drought-stricken İzmit.
  • A project to fund purchases of European agricultural equipment using Ziraat Bank’s capital is studied.
  • Ziraat Bank offices are opened in Kerek, İpek, Prizren, Timişoara and Karacasu.
  • Ziraat Bank provides drought-stricken Kosovo farmers with low-cost credit on convenient terms.
  • Ziraat Bank opens a branch in Medina.
  • Ziraat Bank branches open in Baghdad and Basra.
  • Ziraat Bank branches provide earthquake-stricken farmers with loans.


  • Ziraat Bank begins lending to commercial enterprises.
  • The first seed-finance loans are provided.
  • First general deferment is granted on agricultural loans.
  • With the opening of the Grand National Assembly in Ankara, the city’s Ziraat Bank branch is made responsible for the administration and oversight of all Bank branches and offices in localities controlled by the Nationalists.
  • Control of Ziraat Bank’s İzmir and İstanbul operations are given to Ankara.


  • Work is completed on the set of operational regulations called for by Statute 3202. Consisting of 198 articles, the regulations governing the operations of Ziraat Bank go into effect.
  • Ziraat Bank becomes a member of Confédération Internationale du Crédit Agricole (CICA), a non-profit worldwide association of banks and other entities interested and involved in rural financial processes.
  • Under Statute 7052, Ziraat Bank is authorized to restructure agricultural loan repayments.


  • Ziraat Bank’s representative office opens in Hamburg.
  • Ziraat Bank opens its Lefkoşa, Gazi Mağusa and Güzelyurt branches in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • Ziraat Bank’s representative office in New York is transformed into a branch while new offices are opened in Duisburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Rotterdam.
  • Under the Ziraat Bank 86 project, the first steps to adapt improvements in technology to banking services so as to deliver them faster, more efficiently and at better quality are taken with the automation of a total of 7 branches located in Ankara and İstanbul.
  • Ziraat Bank ranks 452nd among “The World’s 500 Biggest Banks as Measured by Equity” according to Euromoney, a magazine.


  • The Ziraat Bank Banking School begins instruction in order to keep the Bank supplied with the qualified human resources that it needs.
  • The first investment fund (Fund I) was established.
  • Gold sales were initiated under the name of Ziraat Gold. The first consumer loan was issued, along with the first credit card. The Bingöl-Muş Rural Development Project was initiated.
  • As well as ATM machines, foreign currency exchange machines were brought into service for the first time in Turkey, along with self-service information terminals, voice messaging systems and the Bingöl-Muş Rural Development Project, which included a branch not requiring human staffing, aiming to provide uninterrupted 24-hour service.
  • Ziraat Bank Moscow, Kazkommerts Ziraat International Bank (KZI Bank), Turkmen Turkish Commercial Bank (TTC Bank) and Uzbekistan Turkish Bank (UT Bank) were established and entered operation.
  • Ziraat Bank was ranked 202nd in Euromoney’s “Top 500 Banks”, 41st in terms of net profit, and the world’s first in terms of its return on equity. Moreover, the Bank ranked 12th in the “World’s 50 Most Rapidly Developing Banks” listing.
  • The Sofia Branch entered operation.
  • The Stuttgart, Hannover, Frankfurt and Duisburg representative offices began to operate as branches. Newly-launched banking software makes it easier to create and offer new products and services.
  • Turkish-Ziraat Bank Bosnia DD receives Visa and Europay International licenses and begins processing Visa acquiring and issuing transactions for the first time in Bosnia- Herzegovina in coordination with Ziraat Kart A.Ş.
  • The Law numbered 4603 passed on 25 November 2000 paved the way for Ziraat Bank to be transformed into a joint-stock company.
  • The scope of the banking software centralization project (Fin@rt) is expanded.
  • In Greece, the Athens and Komotini branches entered operation.
  • The Bank announced TL 3,511 million net profit, the highest profit ever announced by a Turkish company until 2009.
  • Branches were opened in Baghdad, Erbil and Jeddah.
  • Ziraat Bank purchases the rights to the Turkish Cup name.
  • Ziraat Bank launches its “Together, to a Better Future” Change & Transformation Project.


  • Ziraat Bank celebrates its first century and a half in business with its employees.
  • On 30 September 2014, the Board of Directors approved and announced the Sustainability Policy which summarizes Ziraat Bank’s sustainability vision, goals and approach and defines the Bank’s stance on the pillars of the environment, society and products and services.
  • Ziraat Bank published its first sustainability report, which was GRI rated at A+ standards.
  • Ziraat Bank tops the 2014 corporate income tax league table.
  • Ziraat Participation commences operations.
  • The Bank’s Pristina Branch opens in Kosovo.
  • Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan ASC commences operations.
  • Ziraat Bank is designated “Europe’s 2nd Most Robust Bank”.
  • Ziraat Bank Montenegro AD commences operations.
  • In keeping with its principle of sustainable profitability, Ziraat Bank reports 2015 profits amounting to TL 5,162 million, the highest of Turkish banking sector.
  • The Marneuli Branch in Georgia and the Bahrain Branch in Manama/Bahrain were opened.
  • Ziraat REIT joined the Ziraat Finance Group and began operations.
  • Ziraat Bank wrote a net profit of TL 6,576 million in 2016, while reporting TL 358 billion of assets at the end of 2016.

The Bank will continue to generate more for its customers, employees and Turkey as a whole and to record strong and significant results with the support of its integrated financial service capabilities in the coming period.


  • In 2017, the Georgia branch was restructured into a new bank and JSC Ziraat Bank Georgia was established.
  • The name of the subsidiary bank in Uzbekistan, in which Ziraat Bank’s share in the capital increased to 100%, was changed to Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan JSC.
  • Ziraat Bank was awarded in the “Best Use of Data Analytics” category in the “2017 Global Retail Banking Awards” organized with the participation of more than 200 banks worldwide.
  • Ziraat Bank was again named the top brand in the banking category in 2017 in Turkey’s Lovemarks 2017 survey.
  • Ziraat Bank reached an asset size of TL 434 billion in 2017.
  • Ziraat Bank achieved the biggest increase its brand value of any Turkish bank in the “World’s Most Valuable 500 Bank Brands 2017” survey conducted by Brand Finance*.
  • Ziraat Bank received five awards at the Stevie Awards, the world’s most prestigious business award program.


  • The Bank’s own brand Bankkart was launched in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Ziraat Bank was selected the “Most Loved Bank of 2018” at Turkey’s Lovemark Survey, receiving the same award for three consecutive years.
  • Ziraat Bank has been the bank which increased its brand value most among Turkish banks for the second time.
  • Young Farmers Academy project, which was developed by the Bank to bring a new perspective to agricultural production and agricultural banking, was launched with the objectives of increasing young population’s interest in farming, teaching specific topics in agricultural production and investment, raising conscious young farmers and creating an awareness of agricultural entrepreneurship.
  • Ziraat Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı Anonim Şirketi (Ziraat Venture Capital Investment Trust) has been established as a subsidiary of the Bank and transactions related to establishment were completed with its registration notice published in the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette on 14 November 2018.
  • The asset size of Ziraat Bank reached TL 537 billion in 2018 exceeding the half trillion mark.