Ziraat Supports Your Plant Production!

These loans are designed for the needs of real / legal person farmers engaged in various kinds of plant production activities such as field agriculture, gardening, greenhouse farming, and hydroponics. 


In this respect,

  • Working Capital Loans are designed to cover such costs as the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel and various fixtures, shipment, marketing, repair & maintenance, insurance, rent, etc.  
  • Investment Loans are designed to cover the expenses associated with the construction or purchase of agricultural facilities / holdings such as greenhouses; cold storage units, orchards, vineyards, etc.; drilling of deep wells as a part of total investment; installation of irrigation systems; and various other investment expenditures including the purchase of the land where the investment will take place, and expenditures on producing solar / wind / biogas energy in line with the scope of the farm.     

Application Channels