In Addition to the Government Subsidies, Ziraat Provides Working Capital and Investment Loans to Young Farmers Who Wish to Pursue Bigger Dreams!

We provide young producers, who are entitled to receive grants within the scope of Cabinet Decree No. 2016/8540 dated 16.02.2016, with the opportunity to use a Project Loan – up to 3 (three) times the grant amount approved by the Ministry – and a Business / Working Capital Loan – whose amount will be determined based on the capacity to be established through the combination of the Grant Amount and Project Loan. 


  • Working capital and investment loans can be made available in the fields of stock / dairy / poultry farming and apiculture, vegetable and banana plantations in controlled greenhouses and mushroom cultivation.
  • The scope of the loan may be extended to include live animal purchases, machinery-equipment procurement and the costs of animal feed, pesticides, fertilizers, labor etc. provided that such costs and purchases are consistent with the business capacity and necessitated by the aforementioned agricultural production activities.

However, the following expenses may not be covered by the loan as they are not part of the Government Grant Program:

  • Expenses for greenhouse construction and construction expenses other than water reservoirs that may be required for the pressurized irrigation systems.
  • Agricultural land purchases
  • Business acquisitions (such as stock farms, dairy farms, existing greenhouses etc.)
  • Tractor purchases

Application Channels