Come to One of Our Branches Now for Security in Agriculture!

In addition to State Supported Agricultural Loans, take out hail, frost, greenhouse, and animal life insurance with our bank, to guarantee your production against risk.

Insurance Types


Guarantees against lost produce due to hail on fields registered on the Farmer Registration System. Optional guarantee against decrease in quality due to hail or fire.

Frost Insurance:

Grape Vine Frost Insurance, while reserving the other provisions under the general conditions of Hail Insurance, guarantees against loss of fresh grape produce due to damage suffered by buds and shoots where the temperature drops to below 0ºC after pruning has ended. Frost insurance is provided for vineyards in the provinces of Izmir, Manisa, and Denizli.

Greenhouse Insurance:

Guarantees against damage caused by hail to produce, technical installations and constructions in glass, plastic, and glass+plastic greenhouses. Optional coverage against loss in amount of produce produced in the greenhouse due to storms, tornadoes, fire, snow and hail accumulation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, vehicle collisions, rubble removal, and flooding.

Animal Life Insurance:

Guarantees against material loss due to death and forced slaughtering of cattle and small ruminants, and the risk of abortion in cattle, arising from all animal diseases, accidents, snake and insect bites, poisoning due to poisoned grazing material and feed, natural disasters and sunstroke, fire and explosion, except for rinderpest, tuberculosis, brucellosis, VSV, BSE, and all diseases of which authorities are to be notified (anthrax and rabies) as defined by Animal Health Control Law No. 3285.