Ziraat Mobil IOS Uygulaması

With QR code you can download İOS-based applications to your phone right away.

Ziraat Mobil Android Uygulaması

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With Ziraat Mobile, fast and secure transaction anytime from any place you wish!

We are at your service with our new mobile banking application designed to make your banking transactions from your tablet, in the comfort of your computer. With user-friendly interfaces and simple transaction steps, you can make transactions easily and quickly and with Ziraat Verification Technology which will improve the security standards in the market to a higher level, you can make your transactions more confidently via both internet and mobile banking applications. Many new innovations await you in our next generation mobile banking application.

Enhanced Transaction Set

The opportunity to meet your banking needs in detail of internet banking with its enhanced transaction set.

A First From Ziraat: Unencoded Transaction Confirmation

With Ziraat Verification Technology, security standards are increasing. With Ziraat Verification Technology which you can use both at internet banking and at Ziraat Mobil, you can safely perform your transactions without having to enter a password.

Opening Screen

  • With the Nearest Ziraat application, you can easily access the locations of all your branches and ATMs and get directions if needed.
  • With the Financial Data area, you can access our Bank and Market data instantly.
  • With Advanced Calculation tools you can both calculate the plan of your loan you want to get, and how much interest you will earn on your deposit account.
  • With Campaigns section, you can get information about campaigns offered by our bank.
    Customizable Home Page
  • With the Tools section, you can quickly access information such as your assets, payments, or credit card status..
  • With the short-cuts field that you can arrange according to your needs, you can position your transactions in a way that you can easily reach.
  • With the smart search engine, you can access the transaction you are seeking for without losing time Accordion Transaction Screens
  • With the accordion structure, you can make your transactions on a single screen without having to scroll through the pages.
  • With the simplified transaction steps that are completed in just three steps, you can make fast and easy transaction.

Money Depositing, Money Withdrawal with QR Code

With QR Code, you can make your deposits and withdrawals safely and quickly from our ATMs through your smart mobile phones where Ziraat Mobile is installed. You can complete your transactions by logging into our Ziraat Mobile application without needing any cards.

What transactions can I perform at Ziraat Mobil?

My Accounts

  • My drawing accounts (TL/YP)
  • My deposit accounts (TL/YP)
  • My investment accounts
  • My credit accounts
  • Demand Account Opening
  • Deposit Account Opening
  • Cumulative Deposit Account Opening

Adding Money to Mobile

  • Avea
  • Turkcell
  • Vodafone


  • Pension Fund 6111 structuring
  • SGK Mosip


  • Yurtkur
  • Üniversite ve Harç



Tax Payments

  • MTV
  • Traffic Ticket
  • Title Deed Fee
  • Other Taxes

Games of Chance

  • Birebin
  • Bilyoner.com
  • Misli.com
  • Nesine.com
  • Tuttur.com

My Cards

  • Card Information
  • Account Statement
  • Virtual Card
  • Debt Payment
  • Cash Advance
  • Limit Increase
  • Maxipuan Inquiry
  • Account Settlement Date
  • Card Payment Order
  • Installment Monitoring
  • Current Term Transactions
  • Password Setting

Exchange / Gold Transactions

  • Exchange Buying
  • Exchange Selling
  • Arbitraj
  • Gold Demand Buying
  • Gold Demand Selling
  • Foreign Currency Demand Deposit Account Opening

Loans & Advance

  • Personal Loans Installment Payment
  • TOKİ ("Housing and Development Administration") Loan Installment Payment

Ziraat Investment

  • Transfer To ZY Portfolio
  • Transfer From ZY Portfolio
  • Send USD To Leverage Account

Ziraat Life and Pension

  • Premium Payment

Ziraat Insurance

  • Premium Payment

Ziraat Data

My Close Payments

Money Transfers (TL/YF)

  • Money Transfer Between My Accounts
  • Money Transfer To Another Account
  • EFT To Account
  • EFT To Credit Card
  • Money Transfer to Mobile


  • Natural Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • TV

Investment Transactions

  • Mutual Funds buying
  • Mutual Funds selling


  • Virtual Card Identification
  • Bankkart Application
  • Genç Bankkart Application

My Security Settings

  • Security Preference
  • Password Change
  • Contact Information Update

My Guide

My Assets

My Card Limit

My Customer Representative​

Cash Withdrawal with QR Code

Cash Deposit with QR Code