Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Save Money in Different Foreign Currencies!

Would you like to make savings in foreign currencies, and be able to access them whenever you wish?

Open a Foreign Currency Current Account with us, for a current account easily accessible on demand through our extensive countrywide network of branches.


  • You may make foreign money transfers through your Foreign Currency Current Account.

Announcement about Savings Deposit Guarantee

Pursuant to the provisions of the "Regulation on Deposits and Participation Funds Subject to Insurance and Premiums to be Collected by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund", published in the Official Gazette no. 32399 of 14.12.2023; the aggregate of the principal amount and interest rediscounts of savings deposit accounts denominated in Turkish Lira, a foreign currency, or a precious metal, which have been established with the domestic branches of a credit institution operating in Turkiye in the name of real persons and which are not subject to commercial transactions other than issuance of a cheque are under insurance protection up to 650 thousand Turkish Liras.