Meet the advantages of Bankkart where bank card and credit card features are united in the same card!

With Bankkart that Ziraat Bank provides a credit card and bank card are united in a single card. On the front side of your credit card your number is present, your bank card number is at the back side. The only thing you need to do at the POS or ATM is to select fom the screen which card you will use after you inert your card .

Bankkart Credit Card Feature

You may shop by payment in installments at the contracted member establishments, earn points, participate in campaigns and benefit from ve birbirinden cazip Bankkart discounts that are one more attractive than the other. Please click fo detailed information about the campaigns

You may facilitate your life by using the advantageous features of your Bankkart. Please click for the features of the card which is advised for you

You may spend immediately while your are shopping the points you earn from the shopping you made with the credit card feature.

You may withdraw cashadvance at any time during the day with the credit card feature.


  • With the credit card feature you may shop in installments at Bankkart contracted member establishments.
  • You may also shop in installments at contracted member establishments with the Bank card side of your Bankkart. The only thing you need to do is to have an overdraft account with monthly payments.
  • You may benefit from many advantages of Bankkart and collect the plentiful points you have earned and use them when you are shopping.
  • You may immediately meet your cash needs from ouur ATM's throughout Türkiye as well as from all ATM's with Visa/MasterCard logo within the country and abroad.​​
  • You may securely shop within the country and abroad with the pin you have created for your card.
  • You may shop in the internet both with the bank card as well as the credit card feature by using the 3 dimensional security (3D Secure) system .
  • You may enjoy the the pleasure of fast and secure shopping with the contactless feature of Bankkart.