Secure Online Shopping; A service developed and supported by Visa / MasterCard and provided by Ziraat Bank that enables secure shopping online using Ziraat Bank credit cards.

Secure Online Shopping; Prevents use of your card by malicious third parties on virtual stores included within the service. Protects card information through single use codes sent to your mobile for purchases made over the Internet using your Visa or MasterCard card.

All our banks cards are included within the Secure Online Shopping Service.

When a purchase is to be made on a site that supports this service, a single use code is sent to the mobile number registered on the system as belonging to the card holder, with which the transaction is completed. Therefore it is necessary for your mobile details to be updated with our bank.

Click on the link below for your Secure Online Shopping Service transactions, to view your past transactions with businesses supporting this service. Login with your credit card and the code that will be sent to your mobile, view your past transactions, and set up a personal assurance message.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​