Energy Efficiency Management LoanThe loan that changes the energy of your apartment is at Ziraat!

Special for apartment/site managements that want to invest in increasing energy efficiency; advantageous loan for insulation, sheathing, natural gas, lighting and solar heating needs at Ziraat!


The loan process in question will be able to be carried out by managers authorized by the apartment / site.

  • The apartment decision book must be submitted to the branch.
  • The loan is made available to apartment/site owners and automatic transfer to the management account is provided.
  • It is available term opportunity of up to 36 months for loans up to 50,000 TL, and up to 24 months for loans of 50,001 TL and above.
  • The transactions included in the scope of the loan are listed below.<
    • Insulated window joinery systems, door and roof systems
    • Exterior sheathing and heat, water, sound and/or fire insulation of the floor, wall and ceiling of the house
    • Natural gas (natural gas conversion systems such as combi boilers, installations, radiators, heat sharing systems)
    • Efficient lighting systems (energy-saving or led lighting devices)
    • Systems that provide heating and hot water with solar energy (panel, boiler, plumbing, radiator)
  • It has a flexible structure with the payment options preferred by you.
  • Life insurance is provided for the term of the loan.