Ensuring The Green Vehicle Financing That Conserves The Nature at Ziraat!

Decide on the electric or hybrid car you want to buy, whether it is 0 km or second-hand, and take advantage of our advantageous Vehicle Loan with a term of up to 48 months and convenient interest options.


  • It can benefit from the Green Vehicle Loan product within the scope of purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles with much less carbon emissions.
  • It can be used for vehicles 0 km and up to 5 years old.
  • There are terms of up to 48 months.
  • It can be used to finance the purchase of light commercial vehicles (minibuses, pick-up trucks,), provided that it is specially recorded in its license.
  • As a guarantee of the loan, a guarantee will be created on the vehicle in favor of our Bank. Additional collateral may be requested if deemed necessary.
  • Interest rates on Vehicle Loan products; Those who have Bank Card, Overdraft Account, Internet Banking and Instruction Products or have just applied; Those who have at least three of the Personal Pension System, Family Accident Insurance, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, Housing Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance, Classic Civil Fire Insurance products or have just applied will be able to benefit.
  • Life insurance and vehicle insurance products is provided for the term of the loan.