The Best Insurance Against All Kinds of Risk at Ziraat!

Insurance Types

Life Insurance:

Life Insurance for customers over 18 years of age with agricultural loans, that aims to repay outstanding debts to our bank upon the death of the holder to prevent adverse effects upon inheritors, joint creditors, and successive guarantors. Any leftover amount after the insurance benefit has been used to pay off debts with our bank is paid to the beneficiary or beneficiaries named on the certificate.

Health Support Insurance:

Health Support Insurance is a product that covers customers with agricultural loans for part of the daily costs of in-patient treatment for whatever reason up to a maximum of 60 days, and in cancer cases, part of the costs of examination, analysis and treatment as well as transportation costs outside of the province for both patient and companion.

Securities and Real Estate Insurance:

Where possible, insurance taken out against securities and real estate provided as collateral against agricultural loans protects against possible risks.

Motor Insurance:

With agricultural loans provided by our bank, motor insurance is provided for roadworthy motorized and non-motorized vehicles, trailers or caravans as well as machinery and tired tractors, combine harvesters, and other mobile machinery and equipment.

Construction All Risk Insurance:

Assets / constructions covered by the insurance policy are guaranteed for the term against the risk of any loss or damage experienced at the construction site for sudden and previously unknown reasons (fire, lightning strikes, explosions, floods, flooding, storms, frost, landslides, subsidence, vehicle collisions, theft etc.).

My Farm Guaranteed by Türkiye Sigorta:

Producers with a Zero Interest Stockfarming Loan at our bank have their livestock shelters, machinery and fittings guaranteed against fire, lightning strikes, explosions, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, floods and flooding, storms, hurricanes, tornados, snow accumulation, vehicle collisions, strikes, lockouts, riots, civil unrest, malicious acts and terror.

Animal Theft Insurance:

Businesses with Animal Husbandry Loans at our bank and at least 50 head of milking cattle are covered, in addition to their Animal Life Insurance policies taken out within the scope of State Supported Agricultural Insurance (TARSIM), against loss and damage due to animal theft.

Beekeepers Hive Fire and Transportation Insurance:

Active hives of beekeepers registered on the Beekeepers Registration System are covered for the duration of the policy against fire, lightning strike, storm, and flood/flooding. In addition, damage arising during transit of beehives up to 4 times a year due to vehicle accident (impact, collision, overturning, burning) or natural disasters (fire, lightning strikes, floods, river flooding, avalanches, earth and mountain landslides, bridge failures, road collapse).

Ziraat Fishing Vessel Insurance:

Guarantees against complete or partial loss or damage to fishing vessels and onboard fishing equipment.