Support from Ziraat Bank for SMEs

Our loans provided through the cooperation of the European Investment Fund and Ziraat Bank have the EIF as their guarantor.

Within the scope of support provided within the European Community Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program, Ziraat Bank is offering new finance possibilities to SMEs. In this way SMEs are given an opportunity to acquire fixed asset finance and operating capital, without any additional collateral and at attractive interest rates.

Who May Benefit? SMEs with annual revenue of no more than 2 million euros, no more than 10 employees, and active for no more than 5 years.
Maximum Loan Limit 50.000-TL
Security Conditions EIF guarantee in addition to personal guarantee
Currency TL
Term Installments for 1-5 years with flexible repayment options

This finance takes advantage of a guarantee provided under the European Community Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program.​

Please check the website Please check the website for European Union finance for SMEs. for European Union finance for SMEs.