What is a transaction-signed OTP device?

​You can increase your security level by using the passwords you generate with your OTP device while logging into Ziraat Bank Internet Branch and during the transaction.

Your transaction signed OTP device has the capability of both one-time password generation and transaction signing. You use the single-use password that you have generated with the device during access to the Internet branch. The device uses transaction signing to ensure security during the transaction . With its optical reader, it reads the barcode that appears on the screen of the transaction on the transaction confirmation page and allows you to confirm the transaction details on the OTP device screen. After this confirmation, the device generates a password and you complete the transaction by entering it in the field on the confirmation page.

How do you get the OTP device?

​You can get your OTP for 20 TL from any of our branches.​​

I bought a transaction-signed OTP device, how can I use it?

After entering the information requested from you on the Internet Branch login screen, enter your password on the next page and enter the password you have generated by pressing the OK button on your OTP device for a short time in the OTP Password section. The transaction signature is required when you want to transfer money to a recipient for whom you have not previously transferred money from the Internet Branch or when you identify a new recipient. A barcode appears on the confirmation page of such a transaction. You should arrange the 2 white arrows on the OTP device to line up with the 2 arrows on the monitor. Then, press OK for a while to generate the password, then press the C key and select the SIGNATURE with the arrow (V) key on the left and press the OK. "Transfer ready" appears on the device. Now hold at an angle so that the arrows on the OTP device coincide with those at the top of the barcode. Your transaction details will apperar. Read with the arrow key then the device will generate a password. You can complete your transaction by entering this password in the related field.

When logging in with OTP, I receive the error message “The information you entered is incorrect. Please check your information and try again. "

​If you still receive this error after checking your Internet Branch login information, you should have your OTP device synchronized by calling 444 00 00 - 0850 220 00 00.​​

I receive the error "Transfer Failed" during transaction signing.

​Since the size of the barcode that appears for transaction signing at the approval stage varies depending on the resolution of your monitor, you should adjust the arrows at the top of your barcode field to line up with the arrows on the OTP device.​​

I lost my OTP device, what should I do?

​You should call our Customer Contact Center at 444 00 00 - 0850 220 00 00 as soon as possible to report that your OTP device has been lost.​​

The password I generated with my OTP device is invalid what can I do?

​You need to call 444 00 00 - 0850 220 00 00 Customer Contact Center and synchronize your device.​