Our Philosophy of Continual Development

In parallel with our tradition of raising managerial staff within our ranks, continual development and investment in people, forms the foundation of our training and development approach.

Professional and personal development trainings offered in seminars, on job, or through e- learning helps our employees to reach higher standards in their working lives.

Training is provided at our centers in Ankara, Istanbul and different locations countrywide.

Our skills management programs support our employees as they develop their innovation, creative thinking, entrepreneurial and visionary leadership abilities.

School of Banking

Attend the School of Banking and Take Your Place in the Future of Banking

The School of Banking is a development program that aims to train candidates for management to enable our bank to reach its objectives in line with its mission and vision.

A corporate brand in banking training, School of Banking is based in Ankara, continues to operate since 1989.

In our programme, based on the principle of continual development, our students are provided with theoretical knowledge in Economic, Finance, Law, Accounting, Credit Knowledge, Risk Management, and Sales- Marketing and many other fields and have chance to implement on job training at our branches.

The program aims to develop employees, skilled in entrepreneurship, innovation, analytical thinking, problem solving and strategic thinking.

First Step Training Programme

These programs help newly recruited employees to gain the attitude and knowledge essential to their role, develop fundamental professional and personal development skills, and increase their capability in adapting quickly to their position and to our bank.

First step training programs include such essential information as sales, product information, loans, and the ethical principles of banking.

All of these training programs have been designed with different content for each recruitment position category and is supported by internship and simulation programs that help our young colleagues to blend the theory they have learned with its practical application.

Career Development Training Programmes

These programmes aims to support employees' professional development along their career paths.