Warrant Trading Transactions With Ziraat Privileges And Guarantees

A warrant is a security that gives the holder the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price and date. This right may be redeemed in the form of cash settlement or asset delivery.

After filling in a Warrant Risk Disclosure Form together along with an investment account opened with Ziraat Investment, you too can make warrant purchase and sell orders through the channel of your choice.


  • Warrants open up many fields of application to investors in the capital markets.
  • Using warrants, investors can carry out protection transactions on their current position, and investors with a high risk profile can benefit from leverage.
  • Portfolio diversification also features as another field of application.
  • Warrants encompassing a number of different underlying assets make it easier for both sides of the market to position themselves and provide investors with advantages based on commission.

Required Documents

  • Warrant Risk Disclosure Form


Application Channels