Dynamic Currency Coversion(DCC) with Affordable Commision Rates are Available at Ziraat Bank ATM's and POS Devices

Things to know about the Dynamic Currency Conversion application in our ATMs and POS

What is DCC?

The DCC application is a payment solution that allows foreign card holders from different countries of the world to make payments in their local currency.

How does DCC work?

When the foreign card is inserted into the DCC POS/ATM, the respective device detects which countr​y the card belongs to and the currency which the card can carry out transactions. If the currency is registered in the DCC system, the device automatically converts the entered TRY amount to this foreign currency and presents it to the customer as a payment option via the screen on the POS/ATM.

Which card schemes are supported by the DCC application?

The DCC application in our POSs and ATMs supports all of our cards with VISA and Mastercard worldwide.

What are the currencies that can be used in DCC transactions?

14 different currencies are supported in the DCC application of our Bank in our POS and ATMs (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB, AUD, CAD, DKK, NOK, SAR, CHF, CNY, SEK, AED).

Advantages of DCC for the card holder?

The card holder is able to make the payment in his/her preferred currency.
He/she is able to see how much amount will be reflected in his/her credit card statement at the time of payment.
He/she is able to clearly see the exchange rate used and other costs on the slip. There is no need to wait for the credit card statement to be drawn up to learn such information.
Customer dissatisfaction caused by unexpected exchange rates and commissions are eliminated.
Commissions and exchange rates are determined by Ziraat Bank and may change during the transaction according to the financial conditions.


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