Periodical Returns And Broad Liquidity Possibilities With Foreign Currency Investments

Eurobonds are medium- to long-term coupon securities issued by corporations/companies or governments abroad in foreign currency.

Our bank trades in Republic of Türkiye Undersecretariat of Treasury-issued EUR and USD Eurobonds.

Our customers can participate in Treasury issues of Eurobonds through our bank.

In addition to Eurobonds whose prices are announced by our bank, we are able to trade in Eurobonds issued by different countries and corporations and denominated in various currencies upon the request of our customers.


  • Provides periodic coupon interest in addition to a fixed return when held until maturity.
  • Capital and coupon payments are made in the same currency as that of the Eurobond on issue.
  • Due to their tradability on the secondary market, the investor may convert Eurobonds to cash before the maturity date for the amount desired. Sale of the security on the secondary market is dependent on current market prices, and therefore may result in either a trading profit or a loss.
  • Coupon payments on USD Eurobonds occur once every 6 months, and once a year for EUR Eurobonds.
  • These are sold and purchased in nominal multiples of 1,000 and are subject to a minimum transaction limit during initial issue.
  • The amount invested and the capital return on maturity (nominal amount) may vary depending on whether the Eurobond is traded at a premium or a discount on the markets.
  • Returns are not subject to withholding tax. Taxation is carried out on the basis of declaration, dependent on the investor's legal status, and the structure and amount of the return. Apply to one of our branches for detailed information.
  • Trading transactions are monitored on your investment account, Eurobonds are held on behalf of our customers through our bank's Euroclear account.