What does Ziraat Bank do for my safety?

In order to take advantage of Ziraat Bank's Internet Branch, some security steps must be taken and the user must be recognized by the system. You will be able to authenticate yourself by introducing yourself to the system with your customer number and your password / OTP. For your safety, internet banking password codes have been updated to allow for letter usage. For your security, pay attention to use both letters and numbers (alphanumeric) when creating your internet banking password.

Our customers will also be able to use OTP device as a precaution if your password is seized by the persons with malicious intentions for any reason. Customers who have an OTP device are asked for the one-time password generated by the OTP device at the entrance of the internet branch and at the approval stage of certain operations. So even if your password and password are seized, no one will be able to access to your internet branch. For any reason, when your internet branch account is accessed, OTP owners should enter their OTP passwords in order to perform critical transactions such as money transfers, recipient identification. Customers who do not have an OTP device need to re-enter password and respond correctly to the security question asked for the transactions below the limits set by our bank, and enter the SMS (text message) sent to their mobile phones correctly for the transactions above our bank limits. Otherwise, the transaction will not be carried out.

In addition, owing to Ziraat Approval technology which is offered as a security option at both Ziraat Mobile and internet banking entrances, high level security verification is provided by matching our customers' smart phones (iOS or Android) with the devices. To change your safety preference to Ziraat Approval, you can use our mobile app, which you can download from app markets (Google Play, App Store, Windows Store). You will also be notified by SMS (short message) of the critical transactions performed over the amounts you have set, using our internet branch. In this way,  Internet Branch will not be used beyond your knowledge, and you will be able to intervene in the transactions immediately.

If you do not make any transaction for 5 minutes during your Internet Banking session, a warning window will appear and you will be asked if you want to proceed. If you do not respond to this window within a minute or click the sign out option, your session will be closed, and if you choose to proceed with the transactions, your session will continue.

What should I pay attention to for my security?

  • Every time you enter Ziraat Bank Internet Branch, you should write ziraatbank.com.tr in the address section of your browser and click on the Internet Branch link on the page to be opened. Other addresses that you can link to Ziraat Bank site are;


  • Download our Ziraat Mobile and Ziraat Tablet applications only from application markets (Google Ray, App Store, Windows Store).
  • Do not install any programs on your Smartphone, your personal computer, or your tablet computer from unknown sources, and do not open links sent by SMS unless you are sure of the source.
  • Do not log in to the internet branch from computers in public places like internet cafe.
  • Use only licensed operating systems and keep your web browser up to date. Malware uses out-of-date operating system and security gaps in the browsers.
  • It is very important that you use an anti-virus program, an antispyware-antimalware program and a firewall to detect and remove the potential security gaps and to be protected against possible attacks during Internet use. Some security software has these three features in one.
    While antispyware programs protect your computer against spyware that collects your Internet usage information, firewall software prevents your computer programs from connecting to internet beyond your knowledge.
  • Use anti-virus software on your computer and keep your database updated. Periodically scan for viruses.
  • Keep your personal information confidential. You should be extremely careful and skeptical if your information such as date of birth, identification number, mother's maiden name, etc. is requested by phone or e-mail.
  • Even if you know the senders, do not attempt to access our Internet Branch by clicking on a link received by means of e-mail or chatting and messaging programs, or by clicking any link other than the addresses mentioned above.
  • Never send your password via e-mail.
  • Do not keep your customer number and your password in the same place. Do not write them in the are easily accessible places.
  • Your card details, your customer number, your internet banking password and your one-time transaction confirmation password sent to your mobile are only special for you. Do not share this information with anyone, including our Bank staff.
  • Do not open e-mails or accept files from people you do not know.
  • Do not enter your security information by clicking the link that comes in by e-mail.
  • Ziraat Bank does not perform any password procedures via e-mail and does not ask for your personal information. Do not respond to such emails.
  • Change your password at certain intervals.
  •   You can increase your security level by using OTP.
  • Avoid using the details you use to access other internet services such as e-mail.
  • Close the banking transactions that you do not use for internet branch use.
  • When entering the internet branch, make the checks given in response to the question, ‘How can I understand that I have securely logged into Internet Branch?’

How can I understand that I have securely logged into Internet Branch?

  • After entering your customer number and password on the first page of the login screen, your name and surname will be displayed on the 2nd screen. In this case, you can enter your password safely.
  • Provide access by typing http://www.ziraatbank.com.tr in the address bar of your browser. Please note that the Internet Branch (Ebranch) address is "https://esube1.ziraatbank.com.tr".
  • On the main page, you can get information about the date and time of your last entrance to the internet branch.
  • On the opened pages you should see a lock mark on the top right or bottom of your browser, when you click on that mark, you should see the following phrases.

http://www.ziraatbank.com.tr has been validated and is authentic.

http://www.ziraatbank.com.tr also uses SSL for secure transactions.

What is Ziraat Internet Branch SSL Security Certificate?

Ziraat Internet Branch SSL Security Certificate is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and confidentiality during data transfer on the network. SSL ensures that the information sent is certainly decoded in the correct address only. Before the information is sent, it is automatically coded and can only be decoded by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information is preserved through authentication on both sides.

For your security, Internet Branch uses "Comodo® Extended Validation (EV SGC) SSL" server certificates that have 128/256 bit coding feature and helps users to distinguish websites aiming to commit a fraud from secure websites more easily and protect themselves against phishing and the other identity thefts.

If you are using an up-to-date browser that supports this feature, owing to the Extended Validation (EV SGC) SSL Certificate, upon logging into Internet Branch, address line of your browser will have a green color. You can reach certificate details as to the fact that ziraat.com.tr   a reliable website by clicking on such address line.

If it has been previously identified that the website is a false site, the address line turns red.

Since some browsers cannot benefit from features offered by it despite recognizing such certificate, these browsers do not have green address line feature. Comodo EV SGC SSL certificate is also supported by old-fashioned browsers that are compliant with 99,3% of the browsers.

We recommend that you use an up-to-date browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, if you are not, that you update your browser free of charge from the official websites of the software companies.