Security at Internet Branch

In order to take advantage of Ziraat Bank's Internet Branch, some security steps must be taken and the user must be recognized by the system. 

Our individual customers can enter their customer numbers or ID number in the first step.  By entering their ID numbers, as well as their passwords; In the next step they can verify their identity by using Ziraat Approval mobile notification or SMS passwords according to their preferences. In the next step, they can verify their by using Ziraat Approval mobile notification or Sms passwords according to their preferences. In the step where they use Ziraat Approval mobile notification or SMS password, they will definitely see the Name-Surname information, the security message they have determined before, and the security picture on the screen. These are the security elements that will make sure that our customers are really on the Ziraat Bank Internet Banking page. Our corporate customers, on the other hand, enter their corporate customer numbers(individual customer numbers for downstream users) and passwords in the first step; In the next step, they can verify their identity by using Ziraat Approval mobile notification or SMS passwords according to their preferences. When they use Ziraat Approval mobile notification or SMS passwords, they will definitely see the title information, the previosly determined security message and the security picture on the screen.

Access must be provided by typing ''http://www.ziraatbank.com.tr (This page will be opened in a new window)'' in the browser address bar, and the Internet Branch address must be entered as  ''https://bireysel.ziraatbank.com.tr ( This page will be open in a new window)'' or ''https://kurumsal.ziraatbank.com.tr ( This page will be opened in a new window)''. All Internet Banking pages must have a lock sign in the lower or upper right corner of your browser. When you click on the sign, you should see the explanations under the SSL Security Certificate heading below. You can also see the date and time of your last logins on the Internet Branch landing page. If you do not make any transactions for 9 minutes during your Internet Banking session, a warning window will appear and you will be asked whether you want to continue the transactions. If you do not respond to this window wtithin 1 minute or click ''Log Out'', you will be logged out. If you choose to continue with the transactions, your session will continue from where it left off.

Security at Ziraat Mobile

Security at Ziraat Mobile our Ziraat Mobile application is supported on smartphones with Android and İOS operating systems. Our Ziraat Mobile application is supported on smartphones with Android and İOS operating systems.

In the first login to Ziraat Mobile application, similar to the internet branch, the customer number of T.C. Identity Number and password entries are made.

Unlike the Internet Branch, it can remember the customer who logs in according to preference and each time the customer number / ID number. There is feature that allows you to log in simply keying in the password without asking for an ID number.

In addition, thanks to Ziraat Approval technology, which is offered as a security option for both Ziraat Mobile and Internet Banking logins, a high level of security verification is provided by pairing the devices on our customer's smart mobile phones. When you change your security preference to Ziraat Approval, your verification takes place without the need fort he SMS password asked in the second step, and you can log in with a single password.

What is Ziraat Internet Branch SSL Security Certificate?

Ziraat Internet Branch SSL Security Certificate is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and confidentiality during data transfer on the network. SSL ensures that the information sent is certainly decoded in the correct address only. Before the information is sent, it is automatically coded and can only be decoded by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information is preserved through authentication on both sides.

For your security, Internet Branch uses "Comodo® Extended Validation (EV SGC) SSL" server certificates that have 128/256 bit coding feature and helps users to distinguish websites aiming to commit a fraud from secure websites more easily and protect themselves against phishing and the other identity thefts.

If you are using an up-to-date browser that supports this feature, owing to the Extended Validation (EV SGC) SSL Certificate, upon logging into Internet Branch, address line of your browser will have a green color. You can reach certificate details as to the fact that ziraat.com.tr   a reliable website by clicking on such address line.

If it has been previously identified that the website is a false site, the address line turns red.

Since some browsers cannot benefit from features offered by it despite recognizing such certificate, these browsers do not have green address line feature. Comodo EV SGC SSL certificate is also supported by old-fashioned browsers that are compliant with 99,3% of the browsers.

We recommend that you use an up-to-date browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, if you are not, that you update your browser free of charge from the official websites of the software companies.

Security at Customer Communication Center

When you call our Customer Communication Center at 0850 220 0000- 0850 258 00 00- 444 00 00, you are required to verify yourself with your card password/digital password and Ziraat Approval/SMS password.

Your passwords are your personal information. For this reason, it is important that you don’t share it with anyone and don’t record it in any digital or physical environment. In order to set a secure password, you should take care not to use your or your relatives’ birtdays and dates of national holidays, special days, etc. that are easy to be guessed or known by everyone.

It is sufficient to key in your passwords for the transactions you will make through our Customer Communication Center. Our bank will not ask you to tell your password, this information is only for dialing into the system.

In calls made by Ziraat Bank, you will be called from your registered number in the bank. Therefore, your mobile phone number registered in the bank must be up-to-date. All calls you have with our Costumer Communication Center are recorded.

We remind you that we are at the end of the phone to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and wish you a healthy day.

Security at ATM

When using an ATM, don't ask for help from people you don't know, and don't accept offers of assistance. Don't carry your password written on your card, wallet or purse. When determining your password,  don't use your personel information that can easily guessed. If it is possible, change it periodically.

Don't answer people who call you by phone and ask you to read key in your card information and all kinds of passwords. Password verification is done only when you call the bank.

If your card is seized, stolen or lost at an ATM, please call our Call Center on 0850 258 0000 without delay and report the situation.