To earn more, retirees have many pluses at Ziraat!

We have prepared a very special world full of advantageous products and various campaigns for our customers who are getting their pension payments from Ziraat. If you are too getting your pension payment from Ziraat, you can start using all of the products, services and campaigns immediately.

Pension Promotion Payment

There is another plus for retirees that are getting their pensions from Ziraat!!

Paying pension promotion in Ziraat.

Wide Branch And ATM Network

Ziraat is always at your side with Türkiye's biggest branch and ATM network!

We are with our customers for 7 days and 24 hours with more than 1,800 branches and over 6,800 ATM counts, our gentle staff and fast service understanding.

Taking The Full Pension From Atms In One Go

Do not get caught up in the daily ATM limit when you withdraw your pension!

Thanks to our special service for pension customer, you can withdraw your full pension from our ATMs at once, without having to pay a daily withdrawal limit.

Account Management Fee Exemption

Those who get their pension from Ziraat do not pay any account management fee!

As long as your pension continues to be paid to Ziraat Bank, you will not be charged an account management fee from your Ziraat pension account.

Monthly or Quarterly Loan Payment Option Based on Pension Period

With our loan installment options, we are also with our pension customers!

You can pay your home, vehicle or consumer loans on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on your pension period.

Retirees' Plus Loan Package (Home - Vehicle - Consumer)

Those who get pensions from Ziraat also benefit from advantageous Retirees' Plus Loan Packages!

If you get your pension from Ziraat, you can benefit from special interest rates and flexible payment types in housing, vehicle and consumer loans.

Retirees' Plus at Ziraat - Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik Campaign

The future of your grandkids is safe with Türkiye Hayat ve Emeklilik!

If you are getting your pension from Ziraat, you can determine beneficiary your grandkids with the Retirees' Plus at Ziraat Personal Pension Plan in and you can guarantee your grandkids future with special conditions.

Retirees' Plus at Ziraat - Türkiye Sigorta Recude Vehicle and Home Insurance Campaign

Advantageous prices for our pension customers in Vehicle Insurance and Home Insurance are from Türkiye Sigorta!

If you get your pension from Ziraat, you can take advantage of 10% discount for Ziraat Vehicle Insurance and 15% discount for Home Policies.

Retirees' Plus at Ziraat - Ziraat Investment Company Comission Reduction Campaign

The advantageous prices for our pension customers in investment products are from Ziraat Investment Company!

If you are getting your pension from Ziraat, you can benefit from the comission reduction in your transactions that you will carry out through Ziraat Investment.