To earn more, youth have many pluses at Ziraat!

​Hearing the youth's voice, Ziraat prepared a world filled with special gains. Special to young people, benefits full of joy and profits are in Ziraat!

If you are,

  • Between the ages of 18 and 26
  • A college, university, masters or doctoral student
  • Using Credit Card Featured Young Bankcard
  • A Ziraat Internet Banking customer
  • Receiving credit card extracts by e-mail

then you can start using the following products, services and campaigns shortly.

Credit Card Featured Young Bankcard

A first in Türkiye, Bankcard and Credit Card features are combined on a single card.

If you are between the ages of 18-26 and getting your KYK payments from Ziraat; you can use the Credit Card Featured Young Bankcard and enjoy the comfort of using a single card for both your banking transactions and purchases.

Payday Advance

Even when you don't have any money on your KYK account, the Payday Advance feature is always with you!

As long as you continue to receive the KYK payment, you can continue to use your Young Bankcard for your purchases with the extra limit defined in your account with Payday Advance feature.

Campus Card

Campus Card, a card with advantages both in and out of the campus!

With the ability to be used as an identity card and an e-wallet within the campus, also to be used as a Ziraat Bankcard both in and out of the campus; you can take advantage of many features on a single card.

Student Loan

Ziraat is on your side with all kinds of your education expenses!

You can meet your school, university or course expenses with Ziraat Bank Student Loan with advantageous interest rates and terms up to 24 months.

Student Loan with Contribution Margin

You study, and let Ziraat compensate your educating needs!

You can use the benefits of special loan interest rates through our protocols with private schools for your increasing educational expenses.

** Please contact our branches for more information about the Student Loan with Contribution Margin.

University Fee Payments

University fees are paid easily with Ziraat!

You can easily make the fee payments of the contracted universities through our branches, ATMs or Internet Banking.

Dowry Account

Our customers who are under the age of 24 and have never been married, can start saving money by opening a Dowry Account at any Ziraat Bank branch.

You can get max 20% of your total saving amount as state contribution, by keep saving money at least for 3 years and get married before finishing your 27th birthday.

** Dowry Account is valid only for Turkish citizens.

Housing Account

Government contribution up to 20% to our customers who do not have another property with home ownership, flat easement or private property registered in their name.

You can start saving money with the Housing Account, which you can open as a cumulative deposit in our bank with a minimum term of 3 years.

** Housing Account is valid only for Turkish citizens.

Ziraat Life and Retirement Company – Personal Pension Plan (PPP) for Young People

Get your PPP now for your future, before years pass quickly!

If you want to build up a strong future with little amounts of savings, apply now for our Personal Pension Plan (PPP) for Young People. By this plan you can start planning you're your future with only 80 TL monthly payments, and also benefit 25% of government contribution.

**For further information on the Contribution Training Credit please contact our Branches. Campaign

Young Bankcard users have 10% discount at!

Our customers who use Young Bankcard or the credit card feature of Young Bankcard, can benefit from a discount of up to 50 TL in total from website.