In line with its Sustainability Policy adopted and announced by Ziraat Bank Board of Directors on September 30, 2014, Our Bank carries out coordinated financial, operational, environmental and social efforts to boost productivity and to take its corporate structure forward into the future.

Ziraat Bank’s strategic priority is to create value for stakeholders, via operations centered on sustainable profitability and productivity. Aware of the responsibility of being “More Than a Bank,” Ziraat Bank assumes key roles in the country’s sustainable development process.

Our Sustainability Vision

To use the unrivalled experience and knowledge that we have built up over a century and a half for the benefit of the economy, the environment, and the community; to produce enduring value for our stakeholders; to be a globally-competitive bank through the principles of sustainable profitability and efficiency.

Our Sustainability Approach

Our sustainability approach is shaped in light of our responsibilities as a financial services provider, of our obligations to the environment and the community, and of our duties as an employer.

  • Ziraat Bank is a strong, leading, and trusted bank. We desire to perpetuate our existing success in economic sustainability into the future by supporting it with long-term environmental and social sustainability perspectives.
  • In our decision-making processes, we take a careful and thoughtful approach when dealing with environmental and social issues and the potential risks associated with them in the management of our resources and our service infrastructure.
  • We regard environmental sustainability–including climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy as an important item on our agenda.
  • As an employer, we believe in the importance of humane working conditions. In our business model we give importance to equality of opportunity among all of our employees: we regard diversity in our workforce as a component of Ziraat Bank’s richness and therefore we support it.
  • As a service provider, we regard customer focus and customer satisfaction as being fundamental to everything. Our goal is to offer banking products and services to all of our customers in formats that are practical, intelligible, and accessible and also to enrich the banking industry through innovative and exemplary practices.
  • As a business partner, our relationships with suppliers are grounded in the principles of mutual respect, responsibility, and fairness and we are committed to developing them accordingly. We support our suppliers’ success through cooperative projects that we carry out together.
  • We are committed to continuously developing and implementing projects whose aim is to integrate universally-accepted sustainability principles into our business model.
  • We attach importance to having a presence and playing an active role in multilateral sustainability initiatives and collaboration platforms at both the national and international levels.

Taking the foregoing fundamental tenets as our point of departure, we are focused on promoting, developing, and maintaining sustainability throughout our value chain.