We continue our efforts to control our direct and indirect environmental impacts, manage with the appropriate strategies and technologies and continuously improve..

As one of the biggest employers in the Turkish banking industry and the hub of its most extensive physical service network, our goals are to curb our direct and indirect environmental impact, to effectively manage that impact by means of appropriate strategies and technologies, and to constantly improve our performance in this direction. To this end:

  • We engage in ongoing efforts to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our service processes and to reduce them.
  • We strive to structure the physical components of our service network in line with the principle of making efficient use of energy and all other natural resources.
  • Aspiring ourselves to achieve full compliance with all mandatory environmental standards in Türkiye, we also encourage the proliferation of globally-recognized best practices and benchmarks pertaining to such matters by engaging in an ongoing, multidimensional dialogue with our stakeholders.
  • We regard it as important that our customers and suppliers have a greater awareness of environmental issues and we encourage them to make a greater effort for the sake of environmental sustainability.