Our Bank encourages stakeholder participation in its operations - defined as the “value chain” - and views our primary stakeholder groups as the shareholder, employees, customers, and suppliers. Our Bank engages in interactive communication with its primary stakeholders in order to assess their demands and expectations efficiently. In addition to these primary stakeholder groups, Our Bank conducts regular communications based on transparency and mutual respect with other stakeholder groups such as regulatory authorities, international banks, investors, rating agencies, the media, industry associations and organizations, and society at large.

Our Bank's long-term success depends on the ongoing trust and preference of its stakeholders. The sustainability projects we plan to implement will further boost this trust and loyalty.

  • Employees make up one of our most crucial stakeholder groups. We support our employees in their efforts to proactively identify with Ziraat Bank’s sustainability approaches and commitments.
  • We regard the training and development of our employees as an important element of the progress that we seek to make in the area of sustainability. Constantly changing and transforming ourselves as we move forward, we continue to invest in training that will contribute to the steady advancement of our human resources.
  • Our customers are the essential justification for our existence. Our goal is to perpetuate and amplify customer satisfaction and loyalty by supplying high-value products and services under globally competitive conditions through all of Ziraat Bank’s distribution channels.
  • We engage with our customers on a variety of collaboration and awareness platforms. We regard efforts to increase financial literacy and awareness of sustainability as an essential part of our social responsibility.
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers is another of our priorities. We regard it as important that our suppliers recognize and abide by universally-accepted sustainability principles and we accordingly encourage them to do so.
  • We believe in mutually frank and respectful communication with our stakeholders. In stakeholder communication, we focus on the transparent disclosure of our progress on environmental and social matters as well as of our economic performance.