Take Out Health Insurance, So Healthcare Expenses Don't Break The Budget

All Turkish citizens and foreign nationals with residency issued with temporary Republic of Turkey ID numbers may apply to their nearest branch for health insurance privileges and peace of mind regarding healthcare expenses.

* Applicants without Private Health Insurance: 
After the applicant has been adequately informed on health insurance within the framework of the Health Insurance General Conditions, applications are forwarded to the insurance company of which we are an agent. The policy is produced by the company.

* Applicants with Private Health Insurance: 
If the customer already has a Private Health Insurance policy with another company, a transfer form is completed to obtain necessary information from the other company and forwarded to the insurance company of which we are an agent.

On the basis of this form the Insurance Company will request transfer information from the other company, upon receipt of which the company will notify the branch from which the application originated by e-mail concerning the policy conditions under which the applicant is being offered Private Health Insurance, after which the policy is arranged by the Company upon the customer's request.


  • Insures the holder for the duration of the term against any accident or illness which which requires first aid, doctor, medication, analysis, hospital treatment and surgical expenses.
  • Provides the greatest help during the hardest time by giving holders the freedom to select whichever doctor or healthcare institution they wish in case of health problems and covering the high treatment costs.

Our Insurance Packages

Ziraat Insurance presents its customers with three separate product models; the Trust Series, Başak Series, and Ziraat Series. The provided packages under these product model headings have four different benefit limits.

  • Trust Series Package 1: A package that gives holders full, unlimited coverage for all in-patient treatment costs wherever they are in Turkey or in the world.
  • Başak Series Package 1: Müşterinin limitsiz ve katılımsız yatarak tedavi harcamalarının yanında yıllık 1.000 TL limit ile ayakta tedavi harcamalarını karşılayan pakettir.
  • Ziraat Series Package 1: A package with higher limits than the Trust and Başak series; providing full, unlimited coverage for in-patient treatment and unlimited out-patient treatment coverage with a 20% copayment rate.
  • Ziraat Series Package 2: The broadest package including full, unlimited coverage for all in- and out-patient treatment.

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